Science at The Hendreds

Children are naturally curious. At The Hendreds, we use science as a vehicle to nurture this curiosity, encourage children to ask questions and develop the skills they needs to answer questions. Science gives children a process for exploring anything and everything in the physical and natural world. It is about asking good questions, suggesting possible explanations, and then testing them to see if they make sense. Studying science improves our ability to understand ideas, assess the credibility, reliability, and validity of what we see and hear and make informed decisions. At The Hendreds, the science curriculum provides a valuable and rich opportunity for children to explore questions and ideas first-hand, carry out enquiries, look for proof of their ideas and formulate arguments and conclusions. It encourages critical thinking and deductive reasoning; analysis and problem solving. We aim for all children to leave the school with an appreciation of the application and use of science in the world and why it matters.




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