We offer a variety of Enrichment Clubs at The Hendreds which include judo, music, art, board games, sport and dance. Our children love to attend the many clubs after school, “I like judo because you get to squash people and get a new grade and a judo belt” Judo is run by Martin Small, Judo coach.

“You can be really messy in Art Club and there is no right way to paint”, our Art Club is run by our teachers at The Hendreds.

“Tchoukball is fun because it is a mixture of throwing and catching”. MNR Coaching run our sport enrichment clubs.

“Some of my friends do dance club with me. ‘Don’t think about it, just move your body’ is the start to the music for our dance we are learning for the Oxfordshire Dance Festival next term”. Angels Performing Arts run our Dance Club.